Receiving WKHU Channel 44.2

You can watch Family-Life TV on WKHU Channel 44.2 – Kittanning’s newest Class A digital television station!

The station primarily has a southern broadcast pattern that extends from Kittanning south to Pittsburgh Mills.

To Receive WKHU:

You will need a UHF antenna. For some of you, a simple antenna installed inside a window will be enough to receive the signal. For others, you will have to install an antenna on your roof (just like in the old days). The antenna is connected directly into your digital TV set (unless you have satellite or cable – see directions below).

For viewers with DirecTV or DISH Network:

Connect the antenna in the back of your satellite receiver into the “ANTENNA IN” jack. When you turn off your receiver, you can tune your television set to Channel 44.2 and receive us.

For viewers on Comcast cable:

You will need a small selector switch sold at Radio Shack or other electronic stores. You connect the output of the cable box into one side of the switch and your antenna lead to the other side of the switch. When you press the “A” switch, you will tune your TV set to the pre-set channel and have cable TV. When you select the “B” switch, you will tune your set to channel 44.2 and receive Family-Life TV.

For assistance in receiving WKHU Channel 44.2, please feel free to call us at 724-548-8000.

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